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Pro lighting and retouching

A quick illustration of how we can make you look better...

The 'amateur' style shot With professional lighting Finished including retouching
Amateur portrait professional portrait retouched portrait
Even with a good camera and good lens this may be typical of what many people shoot when doing it themselves. The lighting is harsh and unflattering, note the hard shadows on the background. This sort of photo might appear on a driver license but is not exactly what you want on the mantelpiece! With a professional shoot more complex lighting is used to produce a more flattering image.

You will be guided on stance and posing.
A well executed image then makes the basis for some sophisticated image processing that includes enhancing and retouching. This may include skin smoothing, teeth whitening, adding some sparkle to the eyes and much more.

The extent to which this is done varies from person to person so, like Cromwell, you can opt for 'warts and all' or that airbrushed cover girl look, or anything in-between. The final result is something you would be proud to frame and display.

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